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Born to an unwed teenager who at one time considered abortion as a viable option for solving her “problem,” Reggie Dabbs considers himself fortunate to be alive. With no place to go, the pregnant teenager ended up living in a chicken coop in Louisiana. It was there she remembered a former school teacher, Mrs. Dabbs, who had said to her students, “If you ever need anything, call me,” and gave the students her home phone number. The girl called.

Mrs. Dabbs went to Louisiana, picked up the girl, and took her back to Tennessee where she and her husband, whose six children were adults by this time, took the girl into their home and cared for her until after the baby was born. They continued to care for little Reggie as foster parents until he was in the fourth grade, and then they officially adopted him and gave him the Dabbs name.

As the Dabbs’ reared Reggie, they instilled in him strong moral values, for which he is genuinely grateful. They also ingrained in him the fact that in every situation he faced, he had a choice. What he did with those choices was entirely up to him.

In the sixth, Reggie began playing the saxophone and hated it. At the insistence of his parents he continued to practice and to play. Not until his freshman year in college did he actually enjoy the instrument, and today, he plays with fervor and expertise.

After graduating from college, Reggie began his public speaking. During one speaking engagement, his host asked if he would be interested in addressing a high school assembly. From that small beginning in 1987, Reggie has become a popular public school speaker.

When addressing a school assembly, Reggie talks to the kids in a humorous style about choices each of them has when faced with drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc. Reggie gets in kids faces and tells them that he never smoked a cigarette, never did drugs, never drank alcohol, because he chose not to. He assures them that they can make the same kinds of choices.

Reggie talks to kids about family and how thankful they should be that they have families. He talks to them about dating relationships and emphasizes that virginity is the most honorable choice. Most of all, Reggie drives home the fact that “You can never change your past, but you can change your future!”

From being a “Problem” to an unwed teenager, Reggie is fast becoming one of the most in-demand speakers who helps teenagers meet their problems head-on and overcome them.

Reggie makes his home in Ft. Myers, Florida with his wife Michele and their son Dominic.


A dynamically engaging communicator, Preston Centuolo naturally speaks right to the heart of youth, helping them see beyond pressing obstacles to seize their own unique purpose. For over two decades, Preston has tirelessly shared his inspiring story with young people around the world. His words resonate with youth struggling to find balance in an increasingly chaotic, high pressure, information-overload age. A masterful storyteller, Preston’s message offers a fresh outlook, helping youth find renewed hope and direction in spite of pressing circumstances. He expertly addresses common issues facing youth and demystifies confusing, mixed messages that come from all directions in today’s technological era.

Preston’s vision is to reignite hope for a bright future in the lives of young people. Preston wants every young person to recognize they have immeasurable, irrevocable purpose and value no matter what their past or present circumstances. These special gifts and even their struggles can be transformed into platforms of success. He wants to diffuse societal messages misconstruing success and challenge young people to chase after meaningful, authentic dreams as specially-made individuals.


His heavy bass vocals and dynamic, dramatic beats insist listeners sit up and take notice.

Reach Records artist Tedashii has been a busy man since we heard from him last. Following the 2011 release of Blacklight, which debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes hip-hop chart, he’s had a heavy touring schedule that included his own concert series, The Unashamed Tour and The Rock and Worship Roadshow with MercyMe and Jeremy Camp, where he had the distinction of being the only hip-hop act. Then there was that guest spot on Lecrae’s Grammy-winning album Gravity, and Tedashii’s own hit track “Dum Dum” was featured on the popular TV show So You Think You Can Dance. And did we mention he’s also the host of his own weekly radio show, Serium, heard on NGEN Radio?


Comedian Bone Hampton is a master at making audiences feel like family. His clean, homespun humor, sharp wit, and easy delivery makes the Dove Award-winning “Comedian of the Year” one of the most highly sought after performers in the business. 

With more than 20 years in the game, his résumé is ever expanding with impressive stage and TV credits. The Texas native has logged countless appearances on ABC’s “The View,” including two stints as Guest Co-Host, and has served as personal gag writer for Actress/Comedienne Sherri Shepherd since 2010. He’s also appeared on ABC’s “Less Than Perfect,” NBC’s “My Name is Earl,” BET’s “Comic View,” and the syndicated talk show Comics Unleashed with host Byron Allen. And yes, that is Bone in the very funny national commercial for Church’s Chicken. 

No stranger to the big screen, Bone has appeared alongside Hollywood juggernaut Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy “All About Steve,” and can be seen in the film “Woodlawn” starring Sean Austin and Oscar winner Jon Voight.  

When he’s not on set, the comedian/actor answers the call of the road, traveling across the country bringing merriment to the masses. As one of the superstars of clean/Christian entertainment, Bone is the host of JoyFest, the premiere gospel music festival. Bone has toured with the likes of Chonda Pierce, LeCrae, as well as Sherri Shepherd. He credits his success, in part, to “co-laborers in the faith”–friends such as Shepherd and Zachary Levi (“Chuck”) “who believe it is possible to be a Christian and make it in showbiz.”


A new sound. A new style of worship. Composed of four worship leaders, each bringing something new to the table. A different style. This is Harborside Music. Different style, but same wonderful God.  Their dream is not just to impact our world right now, but to impact the generations to come. God has brought together a team of amazing musicians from all across the country for a reason. The reason: to lead our Safety Harbor community, city, and world into life changing encounters with Jesus through music


Who Am I?

That is a question that I have been trying to answer for a very long time. How do I identify myself as a person, as an artist, as a human being?

To answer, then, who I am as a person, I could always give the biographical facts. Things like I was born in Euclid, Ohio and lived in Providence, Rhode Island for a time when I was small and then returned to Ohio. I could explain that throughout grade school I was bullied for just about anything imaginable and that my self-confidence and self-esteem was greatly diminished in that time. I loved music, but the art of poetry drew me in at a young age. I could say that I began my artistry at the age of seven and started traveling around that time as well. I could say that I have been blessed to be able to tour and to speak to generations since, but that would not help you understand who I am.

To give an overview of who I am as an artist, I could show you that I am a spoken word artist. I could always tell you who I have shared the stage with; bands like Switchfoot, Mandisa, Levi the Poet, and TobyMac would make that list. I could tell you that I am ranked second in the country and third in the world in what I do. Between the time I was ten and sixteen I had fulfilled every bucket list item I could think of; I have had the honor of sharing my story with youth both my age and those of just about every other generation. None of these things, however would answer your original question. None of that will help you understand who I am and why I do what I do.

Who I am as a human, however, will help you understand where I find my identity. I am just a person who has been labeled by so many different things that for awhile I never could figure out who I was. When someone would pose the question that heads the top of this biography, I would never know how to answer. 

I share my story because I can personally attest to the fact that your story holds power. Throughout my time as an artist I have seen the power of God in stories. My mission is to show anyone looking for answers to their purpose that they are loved, that they are cherished, and that they are kept. Simply put, I am simply a perfectly broken person who serves a perfectly whole God.


Gabe Mabry is an independent music producer and DJ from Columbus, Ohio. At an early age, Gabe played the piano and started creating music on his computer. After a few years, he discovered electronic dance music and found his passion. Gabe decided that he wanted to perform after spending a couple of years producing EDM. He had attended Youth Explosion in the past and reached out to see if he could perform there for his debut show. That year, Gabe opened for Derek Minor and launched his performing career. Since then, he has performed at Youth Explosion for a second time, Damascus Friends Church, Soul Blast in Michigan, and FYU at Malone University. Gabe continues to grow his fan-base through his captivating performances and catchy music. At only 17 years old, he has a dream to be a full-time music producer and DJ. Thanks to the support he has from his family, friends, and fans, this dream becomes more of a reality every day. 2017 has been a very successful year of performing and producing and he looks forward to capping it off with performing at Youth Explosion for his third year in a row. For updates on Gabe Mabry, make sure to follow him on Instagram: @gabemabry, Facebook: @gabemabryofficial, and Twitter: @djgabemabry!


People often talk about the future of hip-hop music like it isn’t right now. As if the future were some far off paint splotch occupying our collective imagination. On the contrary, the future is now, and some aren’t afraid to take it where it’s going. Enter Social Club Misfits, the Miami duo whose built a cult following on the strength of their provocative oeuvre and singular, quick-witted approach. Comprised of Marty and Fern, Social Club is the after-effect of two distinctive personalities meshing to create an invigorating sound. The self-monikered “Misfits” are disruptors in every sense, challenging norms and bringing other misfits along for the ride. With a host of projects and EPs under their proverbial belt, including the Billboard-charting full lengths Misfits 2 and US, Social Club Misfits has made a sport of pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of what faith-based music can accomplish. From headlining sold out tours across the country to spawning imitators the world over, it’s clear the duo has struck a chord with listeners from all walks of life. They have bypassed perceived gatekeepers in favor of carving their own lane and fueling their purpose. While some are content with moving wherever the current leads, Social Club Misfits has embraced their calling as leaders of a more intentional school of thought. The misfits are now. Their latest project, The Misfit Generation EP is available now!


While in high school, Henry “Hank” Branan Murphy began writing songs and singing in his church. By age 18, he devoted himself to a career in music and spent the next several years performing at events all over the U.S., even releasing two independent projects. In 2011, the Louisville, GA native relocated to Raleigh-Durham, NC and began writing his own brand of “conscious pop” songs. He soon released SMPLFY, a mixtape showing off his skills as a vocalist, rapper, songwriter and producer. Piquing the interest of several record labels, he ultimately signed with Sony’s Provident Label Group.

“I write songs about what it’s like to be human,” Murphy shares. “We are all complex people. We have struggles. We have contradictions. We have deep desires. We are all seeking to be loved, understood and satisfied. My songs attempt to capture those deep emotional, even spiritual, yearnings we have as human beings. The bottom line is that I want to make great art, but most of all I want to be honest. I want to sing about what people are really going through.”

Branan Murphy’s debut single, “All The Wrong Things,” features “The Voice” Season 8 finalist Koryn Hawthorne. Invoking the passion of artists such as Alessia Cara and Jon Bellion, and the urban pop sounds of artists such as The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake and ZAYN, the song includes a rap bridge written and performed by Murphy himself. The single releases Apr. 21, impacting both radio and streaming platforms.


Marquese Allen Sr. aka Quese.. is a man who was born and raised in a small tourist town in Michigan called South Haven. Quese was born with an underdeveloped left hand. With this attribute; he dealt with a plethora of teasing and mocking during his youth. At the age of 12; Quese was on the brink of suicide. In the thought and attempt of suicide, he heard a voice (holy spirit) say you are great. Quese’s parents (Henry and Regina Allen) encouraged him that God loves him, he’s made in God’s image & he can do things through Christ. That encouragement lead to Quese’s confidence. From there on; he decided to do everything as if he had nothing wrong. Quese played basketball & other sports. He also played piano and loved music. When Quese was a senior in high school; he sang a song by Music Soul Child named “love”. This was when people learned he can sing. This was a start in his musical endeavors. In 2005, Quese helped start a record label called Northern Exposure Records. And recorded secular music under this label until 2008. In 2008, his sister, Teresa Allen, asked if he could write some songs for a play. Quese being an artist, wrote songs but not Gospel. But, She gave him a chance & by doing this he repented & rededicated his life back to Jesus Christ. Then, started attending Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, MI. & Did many ministries there such as DJing, writing songs for the rap minstry & singing with the youth praise team. In 2010, Quese founded & became CEO of STG (Spreading the Gospel) Musiq Ministry. Quese also partners with many churches of Kalamazoo, MI to worship & praise God to the highest level. He is an independent recording artist, who writes, arranges, sings, raps and teaches music. Quese travels to different states, churches & youth ministries spreading the Gospel, hope, unity & peace through his music. Quese loves God, people and his community. He shows that through his out reach of artistry and compassion towards all cultures…. His mision is to present Christ through his art, for others reconciliation back to God!!

The music of Quese encompasses a wide range of Hip Hop, Rap and Worship! He Brings a high energy, sonic sound that includes the audience. His love for Jesus is infectious and his audience won’t leave a show without hearing the awesome news of Life in Christ!

Quese is currently the Worship Leader at The Edge Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Quese has Opened previously for and/or shared the stage with: Andy Mineo, Flame, Canon, Derek Minor, Stephen Malcom, Britt Nicole, Kiki Sheard, Leandria Johnson. Quese has done Ministry throughout the Midwest and in Haiti.