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STEVE FITZHUGHSteve Fitzhugh speaks to thousands each year throughout the country and abroad. His expertise transcends age as he can be found in a variety of venues impacting young and old through his gift of communication. His talks help people make positive choices in life. Whether it’s a high school or college campus, the corporate boardroom or an NFL locker room Steve’s passion for success and change moves, motivates and empowers. Steve’s style is fresh and humorous as he tells about his life in the NFL (Denver Broncos) and his own personal journey. He identifies with his audiences.  He sees what they see; he feels what they feel; and he understands life’s challenges.

A native of Akron, Ohio, Steve graduated from Walsh Jesuit High School where he excelled as one of the top five hurdlers in the country.  As a result of his success in track and football, he has been inducted into Walsh’s Athletic Hall of Fame. He became a scholarship athlete at Miami University of Ohio where he captained both the track and football teams while earning his B.A. degree in Public Administration.

7EVENTH TIME DOWNAfter years on the road playing live shows together, Kentucky natives and best friends, 7eventh Time Down held tight to their passion for making God-centered music. “We started our first band when I was just 12 years old. Austin our drummer was 11 at the time,” lead singer Mikey Howard explains. “We grew up together playing in different cover bands (a lot of Third Day and DC Talk) and when we all got out of school, God just placed the same desire in all of us to do music ministry. So we all sold what we could, bought a van and hit the road! Praise God! He has kept us all these years!”

Consisting of Mikey Howard, Eric Vanzant, Cliff Williams, and Austin Miller, the band aims to make music with a message and in 2011 released their debut album Alive in You. Their sophomore album Just Say Jesus, includes the songs The One I’m Running To and Just Say Jesus,” and reflects stories from the band speaks about their journey of coming to know Christ.

AUDIO ADRENALINEThe band Audio Adrenaline has been making music for nearly three decades. Originally known as A-180, the group formed in 1986 and shortly after releasing two independent albums that eventually led to a record deal. 

Consisting at the time of Mark Stuart, Barry Blair, Will McGinniss, and Bob Herdman, Audio Adrenaline released their self-titled debut album in 1992, and really took off when their single “Big House,” off their second album Don’t Censor Me, hit the airwaves. From there, the band released a slew of albums including Some Kind of Zombie in 1997, Underdog in 1999, Hit Parade in 2001, Until My Heart Caves In in 2005. 

After parting ways in 2006, the band reunited in 2012 as a complete new group: former dc Talksinger Kevin Max as the frontman, former Superchick member Dave Ghazarian on guitar, Bleach drummer Jared Byers on drums, Jason Walker on keys, and Will McGinniss- from the original band- on the bass.  The new band then released the album Kings & Queens in 2013, which included the songs, “Kings & Queens,” and “Believer.” 

“We felt like Kevin was the perfect fit,” says former lead singer Mark Stuart. “And talent wise — to use an American Idol phrase — he can sing the phonebook and make it sound pretty awesome!”

Audio Adrenaline recently announced another band change: Josh Engler, formerly of the band Abandon, will replace Kevin Max as the group’s new lead vocalist. 

“It has been an honor and a great privilege to be a part of the work Audio Adrenaline has done these last two years,” Max shares. “Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss have always been close friends of mine, and this chapter of our lives in service together has been beautiful.  I look forward to continually being involved in the Hands and Feet Project and also as a creative ally in anything Audio Adrenaline does in the future.” 

YOUNG NOAHEverybody’s got a story, this much is true, but for a young rapper named Noah, his life’s journey has a decidedly cinematic quality, full of thrilling twists and turns and even a surprise ending to boot.

Home schooled until 5th grade and raised in a family where associating with anything remotely worldly was taboo, the day-to-day existence outside the four walls of his childhood home was a dangerous one. 

Once Noah actually began going to a “real” school, he was recommended to the local Boys & Girls Club’s gang outreach program. 

And it was during his time with the Boys & Girls Club when Noah first started experimenting with rhymes and beats. As one of the program’s role models, the first songs he wrote reflected on positive themes, namely having the courage to say no to drugs, alcohol and gangs. 

Despite coming to Christ at a young age and being a regular fixture at the Boys & Girls Club, the normal teenage pressures of popularity eventually took their toll. Not surprisingly, the new music Noah was writing also reflected his changing worldview.

But even as Noah began to drift, God never stopped pursuing him. Funny enough, it was a night when he was drunk when God began stirring his heart. “I remember I was driving, and God spoke to my heart,” Noah shares. “He began to ask ‘What are you doing with your life? How did you end up here?’ Look at the example you’re setting for your brothers.”
In that moment, Noah knew he needed to change for good this time. So the self-professed thug with the gold teeth and long dreadlocks rekindled his relationship with God, a decision that set his life on an entirely different course.

JOHN WALLERFrom his early days leading the critically acclaimed band According to John to his impactful ministry as a solo artist, John Waller has continually used his gifts as a singer and songwriter to inspire, educate and encourage the body of Christ. With such powerful songs as “The Blessing” and “While I’m Waiting,” Waller articulates what it means to live a God-centered life in a turbulent world.

He continues to do so on his new album, “As For Me and My House” a potent collection of songs buoyed by Waller’s insightful songwriting and compelling voice. “I don’t think I could write a record in any less than a year or two years because you really have to walk with the Lord and you have to experience life and allow the Lord to teach you something. The title track is, to me, the heart of this record,” Waller says of “As For Me and My House”, which joyfully declares “we belong to the Lord, and we will not give our hearts to another.”


CLOVERTONEven though lead singer Lance Stafford’s voice has a striking resemblance to Third Day’s Mac Powell, Cloverton’s song “Take Me Into The Beautiful” of their self-titled EP, offers a unique sound that paints a picture of what it’s like to truly be in God’s presence.

“(The song) is based out of scripture when Moses spent time with God on the mountain, and afterwards, he had to wear a veil because his face shined so brightly,” explains Lance. “It’s an idea of being in the presence of God, and recognizing him moving and active around us. We read about in scripture but it still happens today. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Lance grew up in a musical family, but being a full-time musician and performer did not come naturally. He battled stage fright and pursued music more as a hobby rather than a career choice in college. After graduating, Lance (lead singer and piano) joined back up with his worship band from his local church which included his twin brother Layne (bass guitar), Tim Brantl (lead guitar), Matt Brown (rhythm guitar) and Kirby LeMoine (drums) to form Cloverton.

The band’s first break came from a secret entry by Lance into Embassy Music’s Talent Search, where Lance performed by himself and won regional songwriting and performance categories enabling the band to earn studio time with producers in Nashville, Tennessee.

THE NEW RESPECTSNewly signed to Capitol CMG Label Group, The New Respects mesh rock & roll and pop with overlays of acoustic tones, falling into a genre of their own. The Nashville-based group is composed of siblings Zandy Fitzgerald, Lexi Fitzgerald and Darius Fitzgerald along with their cousin Jasmine Mullen. This June, the four-piece released their first single “Hey!” as they joined The Heartland Tour, traveling the country alongside GRAMMY® winners Lecrae and Switchfoot.

CHRIS MCCABEChris began his journey as a hip-hop artist by freestyling at bonfires in his teenage years. After he gave his life to Christ at a Christian music festival called Soulfest, he discovered that rap was an outlet of worship where he could connect with God and with other people. Chris’s freestyle rap quickly developed into a pillar of his local youth group. Through this, Chris witnessed the power that words carry – the power to move people to shout for joy or break down in tears. Chris recognized that this power was not fueled by cleverness or brilliant words, but rather by the Holy Spirit moving in people’s hearts. This ignited a passion and a dream to impact people through hip-hop music.

As he grew older, his musical taste expanded, from his indoctrination into hip-hop through legends like Dr. Dre, Snoop and Eminem, to include a diverse array of artists such as Radiohead, Josh Garrels, and MuteMath. From his song “Two Voices” to a lesser-known early track “Who am I”, it is clear that he is influenced by a variety of music inside and outside of the hip-hop realm.

In 2014, Chris felt the call to do something against the grain and drop out of graduate school to pursue his craft full time, an endeavor that has already had Kingdom impact. In shedding the need to say something familiar, he is creating a ground swell of love that flows from the Creator. Chris is unstoppable because his goal is making spiritual music that draws people away from artists who glorify money and worldly pursuits. His newest album, Two Voices, speaks plainly about how Jesus has redeemed his life and given him hope. In turn, it offers that hope to the listener.

When he’s not creating hip-hop beats or performing, you’ll find him playing beach volleyball, surfing and/or doing youth ministry with his wife and American Bulldog.

GABE MABRYGabe grew up knowing music was a passion he wanted to pursue. At an early age, he showed interest in the piano and was self-taught. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Gabe immersed himself in the music he loves, drawing influences from Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Skrillex. Hardwell is the reason and most influential producer that enticed Gabe to start producing EDM. At the age of eleven, Gabe started producing his own music on Audiotool and had an original song featured on their cover page. After producing over thirty tracks on Audiotool, he knew this was the path he wanted to pursue professionally.

Soon after, he took his fan base to Soundcloud and amassed over 24k plays in 2015 alone. He has released over twenty singles and is not stopping there.

Gabe wants to consistently perform, produce, and expand his fan base. “When I see someone really getting in to the music that I have poured so much of my heart and soul into, it really fuels me to work even harder for my fans.” – Gabe

In November of 2015, Gabe performed with several other artists in front of his largest live crowd to date.

Gabe aspires to work with DJ/producers such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Don Diablo. In early 2016, Gabe sent a demo to Don Diablo’s label, Hexagon, and with great interest Ricardo Kloosterman, said to “keep up the good work”. Gabe is said to have a bright future in the EDM world.